Self Adhesive Tape


Self Adhessive Tape

Sr. No. Material: Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) Film
1 Adhesive: Water Based Acrylic Adhesive
2 Tape Thickness: 36,38,40,42,44,48,50 micron
3 Roll Width: 12,18,24,36,,48 mm or more as per requirement
4 Roll Length: 30,50,65,90,100,120,150,200,300 metres as per requirement
5 Printing: In up to 8 colours as per artwork provided by the customer
6 Colour: Transparent; Brown; Green; Red; Orange; Black; Blue and  many more as required
7 Size: 1) 12mm x 66mtrs x 288 rolls / box 2)18mm x 66mtrs x 192 rolls / box 3)24mm x 66mtrs x 144 rolls / box 4)36mm x 66mtrs x 96 rolls / box 5) 48mm x 66mtrs x 72 rolls / box 6)72mm x 66mtrs x 48 rolls / box

Note- We provides initial grip to unwrap the tape. Which saves about 30% of time wasted to find the starting point of the tape and hence it improves the packaging speed and work efficiency.


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